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Bearing Type Stop Countersinks

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Ball Bearing type stop countersink cages allow the stop cage to be run at speeds above the 3,000 RPM limit of bushing type (standard) stop cages.  Ball Bearing Countersink stop cages run smoother with less vibration and provide better life when using Carbide Tipped tools.

Bearing type stop cages can be used for flush riveting, rivet shaving, and collar removal. The 1/4” shank fit all power tools.

The 1/4 -28 spindle socket will except all tools with a 1/4 -28 shank and a 5/8” body diameter.

Total shaft travel is 9/32”.

Depth adjustable in .001 increments.  

Optional skirts are available for these tools.

Product Name  Part #    Length    
TP61B - Microstop Countersinks
4" View Details Button
TP61BB - Microstop Countersinks
4" View Details Button
TP61BBMM - Microstop Countersinks
4" View Details Button
TP61BMM - Microstop Countersinks
4" View Details Button
TP61BWFT - Microstop Countersinks
4" View Details Button
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