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Misc Rivet Sets

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US Industrial Tool offers a broad range of miscellaneous rivet set styles with .401 shank size from stock. Non stocked items my require a 6 piece minimum order.  

Flush style rivet sets are offered in a number of different lengths and face diameters as well as flush sets with a rubber guard and elliptical face with rubber guard to eliminate work piece damage.

Flush style rivet sets are offered in Offset style and Straight style with a 10 ° swivel.

Rivet Sets are offered in a Short Shank (Jiffy) style, Gooseneck style, Double Offset style, and BAC style.

Swivel Head dimpling tools (punch) are offered in 3 1/2” length with standard dimple sizes from 3/32” to 3/16” for AN426 fasteners. Used with a TP93 bucking block and dimpling die these tools can eliminate the use of a squeezer and are a great option for part that can not be separated from the airframe.  

Rivet sets are available for Hi-Shear and Huck Lockbolt applications.

Rivet set extensions 8” long with .401 shank are available.

Made in the USA.


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