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Riv-Nut & Hi-Lok Hand Tools

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Riv-Nut Hi-Lok ratchets and hand tools are available for the installation of specialty fasteners in the airframe. Riv-nut tools are available in wrench type and speed driver type; individually and in kits.

Riv-nut hand tools are available for the installation of a blind one-piece internally threaded and counterbored tubular rivet that can be anchored entirely from one side. Riv-nuts are used in thin sheets that require assembly / disassembly.  

Riv-nut tools are available in fractional sizes, metric sizes (M3 thru M6 at additional cost) for hand assembly, in kits, and in blind riv-nut speed drivers.
Individual wrench type riv-nut tools come with Allen wrench and replacement parts are not available. The wrench type kit is excellent for close quarters, overall height 1 ½” less mandrel, requires the use of ¾ open end or socket wrench.

Speed driver kits include: L6000 speed driver with SCA6/32, SCA8/32, SCA10/32 mandrels, nose pieces and box. Replacement mandrels and nosepieces are available.

L7000 blind nut speed driver has a longer stroke that the L6000 and is for use with slotted riv-nuts. Repair parts are available for both the L6000 and L7000.

Hi-Lok wrenches with roller clutch design come in 3” and 6” lengths with ¼” drive.  

Manufactured in the USA.

Request a quote today on the Hi-Lok or Riv-Nut tools you need, or contact US Industrial Tool for more information.

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