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Aircraft Brake Riveters & Brake Tooling

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Based on our US150 series pedestal riveters, the US150BR series brake riveter comes with the US150BRS adjustable height work table.  

The US150BR series brake riveter is available in reaches of 8” and 12”, both with a 4”gap.

US150BRS adjustable work table has 5” maximum vertical travel, with a 10” I.D. and a 17” O.D.

The US150BRS will accept up to a 12” tall torque tube.

U.S. Industrial Tool stocks a wide range of Goodyear/Loral Aerospace Corporation brake rivet tools for this machine.

Safety features include a Lexan safety shield and an optional two stage hi-low pressure system providing pinch point protection conforming to CFR29 OSHA standards.

Two stage hi-low pressure system part number US13046MPB requires factory install for CE certification.

Manufactured and assembled in the USA. CE certified.


Request a quote today on the aircraft brake rivet tool your project requires, or contact US Industrial Tool for more information.

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