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Sealants & Paint Guns

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Air operated Sealant gun kits, spray guns of different types, and pressure sprayers are in stock. Available options include sealant cartages, plungers, cartage and plunger combination, end caps, and valve procters.

Sealant guns are available in 2.5 oz., 6 oz., and 12 oz. capacities. Our gun bodies are made of durable, light weight aluminum.    

Our corrosion resistant retainers are made of special high strength steel to prevent the cartage from splitting under high pressure. Easy to use: to load, simply turn knob and disengage the retainer. Insert filled cartage, replace retainer with cartage and tighten knob.

For application where each rivet or bolt hole in an aircraft assembly is sealed we offer a “Counterbore” dispenser cartridge assembly. Simply insert in hole and depress the trigger to release proper amount of sealant to cover both hole and seat.
Our spray gun has a 1 quart capacity and with its heavy duty design it is meant for production type applications.

Our mini touch up air spray gun and air brush kit are designed for recoating small damaged and/or detailed sections of the aircraft.
Solutions for you sealing and paint needs are as close as your computer.


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