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Spark Plug Tools

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Our lineup of spark plug tools includes magnetic spark plug sockets, gap setting gauges, cleaners, cleaners / testers, spark plug trays / holders, gap setting tools, spark plug hole thread restorer, and thread lubricant.  

Spark plug cleaners are offered in a pneumatic style and a vibrator style. The pneumatic style comes complete with abrasive powder and bag. The vibrator style is electrically powered and includes two replacement tips.

Our spark plug cleaner / testers are a very good, yet relatively inexpensive method to both clean and test your spark plugs. These units clean with a powerful blast of air and abrasive powder that quickly removes carbon deposits. Once clean the plugs can be screwed into the test side on the unit.  

One of our spark plug gapping tools is bench mounted and the other can be hand held or mounted in a vice. Both tools are designed for use on massive electrode spark plugs. The bench mounted comes with an 18mm adapter. Eliminate guessing what you spark plug gap is.

US Industrial Tool offers spark plug holders to spark plug trays. Each holds up to 12 aviation spark plugs. Our metal tray has numbers stamped on the top of the tray that correspond to the engine cylinders.  

We offer a spark plug hole thread chaser for cleaning up the threads if they are damaged.

Our gap gauges are offered in a feeler gauge and wire style.  

Keep your plugs clean and firing with our collection of Spark Plug Tools

Product Name  Part #    Length  Width  Height    
TP12 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP12K - Spark Plug Tools
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TP163 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP164 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP259 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP298 - Spark Plug Tools
3" -- -- View Details Button
TP338 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP339 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP340 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP348 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP348A - Spark Plug Tools
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TP470 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP797 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP857-1 - Spark Plug Tools
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TP857A - Spark Plug Tools
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TP917 - Spark Plug Tools
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