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Safety Wire Twisters

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A variety of Safety Wire Twisters (Safety Wire Pliers) is available either separately or in kits. Our US Industrial Tool brand is manufactured over seas to our own specifications and subject to our quality control inspections and approval.  

These tools are commonly used for safe wiring nuts, bolts, electrical connectors, and oil filters. Simply clamp the two ends of the wire in the jaws, lock the tool shut, and pull the knob. The pliers spin and twist the wire perfectly each time.

Standard Safety wire pliers are available in 9” manual return, bearing return, and spring or automatic return. A 6” automatic return twister is also available for close quarter work.

Automatic reversing safety wire twisters are now available.

Safety wire tools also come in a screw driver type. The ends of the wire are hooked in the tool and the tool is turned by hand to create the twist. These tools come in 6” and 18“ lengths and are meant for use on up to .060 wire.

Safety wire twisters are available in kits that contain one set of 6”long automatic safety wire pliers, one screw driver type 6” long tool, three roles of safety wire (.020, .032, & .041), and a carrying case.

Safety wire is sold separately in rolls of .020, .032, and .041.

Fight vibration with safety wire and tools from US Industrial Tool.

Product Name  Part #    OAL    
TP277 - Safety Wire Twisters
6" View Details Button
TP277A - Safety Wire Twisters
18" View Details Button
TP65 - Safety Wire Twisters
-- View Details Button
TP66 - Safety Wire Twisters
-- View Details Button
TP67 - Safety Wire Twisters
-- View Details Button
TP68DLX - Safety Wire Twisters
-- View Details Button
TP68K - Safety Wire Twisters
-- View Details Button
TP68R - Safety Wire Twisters
9" View Details Button
TP68SR-6 - Safety Wire Twisters
6" View Details Button
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