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Miscellaneous Hand Tools

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Building and maintaining an airframe & power plant requires many different tools. US Industrial Tool offers a wide range of hand tools specifically designed for all those special jobs.

Specialty plier type tools include: Cam-loc, duckbill, electrical connector (cannon plug), and hand swager.

Specialty gauges include: Swage Sleeve, AN Bolt, and Circular Sheet Metal and Wire.  

Our Helicoil repair kit and Helicoil serrated spark plug inserts help you repair all the damaged threads on your airframe.

Cable Swaging kits, swaging tools, Tubing cutters, and tube flaring tools are available to help you rig your airplane.

Our wide range of inspection mirrors, magnetic retrieval tools, and manual retrieval tools will help you find all those dropped tools.

Screw extractors, files, ratchet less wrench, and Sidewinder speed wrench will allow the removal of all the screws and bolts in your airframe.  

Please see the Airframe & Power Plant section of our catalog for all the tools we offer.


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