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Panel Cutters & Routers & Bits

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US Industrial Tool offers hand held pneumatic tools for cutting shapes out of the panels or cutting panels to fit. We also offer panel saw kits with everything you need for your project. Cutting tools are available for all our tools.

Our metal fab tools include reciprocating body saws for your aircraft and automotive projects. Capable of cutting 16 gauge steel with a 4” stroke, they can cut all types of materials.

The US Industrial Tool router has a straight handle and a 12,000 RPM motor. This router is manufactured in our California facility and comes with a 14-2501 router guide. Additional router guides are available at additional cost.  

Our Air Nibbler nibbles steel or aluminum sheet without distorting or twisting the sheet. This tool is small enough to start in the middle of a sheet and only need a 1” hole to start.

US Industrial Tool manufactures panel cutting saws and panel cutting saw kits for cutting a wide range of materials: up to 3/16” aluminum, 16 gauge mild steel, 5/8 plastic laminates, and composites.  

We offer diamond saw blades as an accessory to our panel cutting saw for Kevlar and graphite materials.

Both HSS and diamond blades are available in our panel cutting saw kits.

US Industrial Tools are manufactured in the USA.


Request a quote today for pneumatic cutting tools for your project, or contact US Industrial Tool for more information.

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