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Hole Saw Arbors

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Hole Saw Arbors include: Arbors with fixed pilots in sizes 1/4” and 5/16” with 5/16-24 and 1/2-20 threads and arbors with drive pins that utilize 1/4 “ drill bits as a pilot.   

Our hole saw pilots are heat treated and practically indestructible. They fit any three jaw chuck and allow the hole saw to be change, “quick change”, without removing the arbor from the drill motor.

Our Catalog offers a handy guide to help you select the correct hole saw arbor for your hole saw.

In our Stock in Gardena California.

Product Name  Part #    Thread    
TP353A - Cutters, Saws & Deburring Tools
-- View Details Button
TP356B - Cutters, Saws & Deburring Tools
-- View Details Button
TP436 - Hole Cutters & Saws
5/16-24 View Details Button
TP436A - Hole Cutters & Saws
5-16/24 View Details Button
TP436C - Hole Cutters & Saws
1/2-20 View Details Button
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